April 13, 2016

Alliance Partner Injection Molding Machines

Engel Logo

The ENGEL brand denotes the world’s largest manufacturer of injection molding machines and, at the same time, one of the world’s leading plastics processing machine manufacturers. Today, the ENGEL Group offers its customers a single-source for a full range of plastics processing technology modules for: injection molding machines for thermoplastics and elastomers as far as automation, with the assurance that individual components are competitive and successful in world markets. With eight production plants in Europe, North America and Asia (China, Korea), subsidiaries  and representatives for more than 85 countries, ENGEL offers its customers the comprehensive, global support they need to compete and succeed with new technologies, and leading-edge production systems.  More information is available at https://www.engelglobal.com/en/us.html

Sodick Logo

Sodick (Yokohama, Japan) is a global supplier of high-precision injection molding machines. The company developed its own design of V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger Style injection molding machines in 1988. This technology focus on tight tolerance molding applications, advanced polymer such as PEEK, PPS, PSU, or LCP.  Sodick offers horizontal machines (thermoplastic, LSR) from 10 ton-650 ton and vertical machines (thermoplastic, LSR) from 3 ton-200 ton.

More information is available at www.plustech-inc.com


Haitian Plastics Machinery is the world’s largest producer of plastic injection molding machinery with an average of 43,000 molding machines produced annually in more than 160 countries. Ranging from 44 to 7,456 tons, Haitian’s molding machines are available in servo-hydraulic, hybrid, all-electric and multi-component configurations to ensure our customers get the correct machine for their application.

More information is available at: https://www.absolutehaitian.com/absolute-haitian

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