April 8, 2016

Custom Training Thin Wall Molding – Scientific Injection Molding

Anyone who has done thin-wall molding knows this is a much different system than standard RS Sequential Machines.  If your talking with someone from the general field of molding, it is likely they will not understand or simply tell you that their training program is adaptable.

As a former employee of HUSKY, this course is 100% customized to your type of Thin Wall Molding System.  This will include your most common Part Defects, Machines (HUSKY Two Stage & RS Units, NETSTAL, DeMag) used on the floor.  Simply put, we will show you personnel how to troubleshoot and develop solutions on YOUR machines with YOUR molds with YOUR materials.

This is a very useful tool to bring your personnel up to speed on YOUR OPERATION.

Cost:  Since this class is 100% customized to your needs, please contact us to discuss your operation.

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