April 12, 2016

Training Testimonials

“Umberto is a great instructor. His personality and humor make the course enjoyable even when the material is difficult. His level of skill, education and knowledge of the subject matter is amazing.”

Rebecca Scherff, Polymer Lab Manager  – MEPol

“This is not a week away from work. It’s a huge amount of valuable information, presented in ways that are easy to understand and retain. I can’t remember ever studying so hard, or learning so much within a week.”

John Howard – Stant Meg

“Extremely beneficial course. Excellent, knowledgeable instructor that can teach processing from a plastics point of view. I would highly recommend this course.”

Greg Feagins – Denso Mfg.

 “I have 19 years of injection molding experience and still gained a lot of knowledge after completing this course.”

Kevin Vandermark – Leggett & Platt

If you have an opportunity to take this course, you should do it because the things you learn help you in your everyday job as a processor.”

Daniel Byerly – Tyco Electronics

“Mr. Catignani has so much useful knowledge that can actually be applied. His experiences, I feel, could help management understand the real world on the floor.”

Paul Choplin – Tyco Electronics

“With the knowledge I have gained from the course, I am more fascinated with the whole injection molding process and want to learn as much as possible.”

Victor King – Subaru

“Excellent course. It teaches you to process from the plastic’s point of view rather than the press.”

Tim Rhodes – IPEC

“Great learning tool for anyone involved with injection molding.”

Zach Muscato – Berry Plastics

“An absolute must for project managers in the plastic industry.”

Jamie McGrath – Berry Plastics

“This is a very useful and practical class taught by a very knowledgeable instructor.”

Michael McQuire – Draexlmaier

“A very powerful and useful course to anyone who is new to plastic molding.”

Jim Romine – IPEC

“I now feel more confident when I walk into my plant.”

Leslie Develle – Intralox

“This class can benefit molders from 20 days experience to 20 years experience.”

Joe Monte – Florida Custom Mold

“The knowledge obtained is excellent and can sharpen my skills and make me more valuable to the company.”

Dennis Capps – Leggett & Platt

“I am eager to use all the information I have just learned in this class so that I can improve production.”

Devon Senecal – Berry Plastics

The instructor is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. The samples, examples and hands on training will benefit any molder!”

Kent Cooper – Subaru


“This course will take you to the next level of expertise!”

Kevin Vandermark – Leggett & Platt


“This was the best injection molding training I have ever received.”

Sean Richards – Huntsman


“So you think you know plastics? Think again!”

Victor King – Subaru


“Umberto really breaks down the Fundamentals of Injection Molding.”

Bill Fleming – M-Tek


“Great. Very thorough.”

Jay Estes – ENCPTC


“It is good to know how and why plastics react the way they do in the molding process. It takes out a lot of guesswork when you have the knowledge.”

Marty Sink – Tyco Electronics


“I found the course very informative. It opened my mind and helped me visualize the entire injection molding process with a better perspective.”

Ian Edgar –  Berry Plastics



“This course definitely opens my eyes to different (better) ways to process. The basic foundation of this course is a must to start understanding everything else that goes into molding.”

Thomas Fowler –  Berry Plastics


“Everyone can benefit from this course, from material handlers and quality control to general managers and design engineers.”

Christina Bigelow – Deb Dispensing


“Real world examples for real world problems”



“Regardless of prior training or experience, you can and will learn something new and interesting from this course.”       

Bill Allen, Jr. –  NAMPAC

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