Fundamentals of Scientific Injection Molding

Class Duration: 3 Days - 1 1/2 Day Machine Time and 1 1/2 Days Lecture/Classroom.

Course Summary:  Fundamentals of Scientific Injection Molding is an ideal class for someone who wishes to learn and understand the basics of injection molding while correlating classroom theory with hands-on machine time.  The class involves:

  • The Injection Molding Machine
  • Polymeric Materials Fundamentals
  • The Four Primary Plastic Conditions and their effects on Processing & Molded Part Properties
  • Mold Fundamentals
  • Machine Operating Controls
  • Processing & Troubleshooting
  • Injection Molded Part Problems & Solutions

Voids                            Sinks                        Flash                      Shorts

Weld lines                    Splay                        Jetting                    Burn Marks          Warpage

While at the machine, you will be shown basic standard set-up parameters & techniques and how to properly operate the injection molding machine.

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