Orbital Plastics was founded in 2001 and provides a wide range of knowledge-based solutions in the plastics injection molding industry including consulting services & training. Orbital Plastics is located in Atlanta, GA.  Contact us at (404) 849-6714 by phone, or fill out our Contact Form for more information.

Scientific Injection Molding Training

Offering a wide range of options for a large range of personnel.  We also customize training classroom content, defect processing, number of days, hands-on training & experiments to meet your exact needs.

Injection Molding Services

Injection Molding Part Design Review & Application

We can review your existing part design or new product. We provide suggestions that will help you mold better parts, reduce your initial scrap rates during start-up and ultimately lead to a less costly launch of a new product or product lines.

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Injection Molding Material Selection

We provide suggestions regarding materials for new products as well as alternative materials for cost reduction of existing product lines.

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Plastic Part Failure & Assembly Analysis

Let us help you diagnose your plastic part failure, provide cost effective alternatives which may include a modified design, alternate material or even a process change.

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Process Setup, Optimization & Troubleshooting

By processing from the Plastic’s Point of View and applying DOE Techniques we can optomize and troubleshoot any injection molding process and impact your bottom line via cost savings, scrap reduction, cycle time reduction and material optimization

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Expert Witness & Testimony

With over 100 years of hands-on practical experience we can serve as a legal resource by providing Expert Witness Testimony in cases involving:

  • Litigation
  • Patent Infringement
  • Property Loss – Fire, Damage
  • Part & Material Failures

Injection Molding Equipment Selection

Our equipment analysis portfolio provides a thorough examination of injection molding equipment to meet the requirements of the client’s application.

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Project Management

Orbital works in a total project management capacity or in a complimentary fashion with the client’s internal team on special projects and strategic initiatives.

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Mold Filling & Mold Filling Analysis

  • Filling , Stress & Cooling Analysis
  • Simulating Unwanted Part Defects such as Weldlines, Short Shots, Burn Marks, etc.

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In Mold Instrumentation – Cavity Temperature & Cavity Pressure

We offer expertise in implementing VPT (Velocity to Pressure Transfer) techniques via Cavity Pressure and Temperature Transducers.

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