April 8, 2016

Operator Fundamentals

This Course is For: Machine Operators, Material Handlers, Quality Inspectors and other personnel who handle Plastic Injection Molded Parts.

Class Duration: 1 Day

Course Summary: An overall view of the injection molding process is presented with the following topics addressed:

  • Injection Molding Economics
  • The Job of the IM Machine Operator
  • The Plastic Raw Material
  • How Plastic is Molded
  • Other Plastic Materials Used
  • Parts of the Molding Machine
  • Auxillary Equipment
  • The Injection Molding Machine Cycle
  • Types of Molds
  • The Plastic Part
  • Modes of Machine Operation
  • The Operators Job During the IM Cycle
  • Regrinding
  • Degating Parts
  • Part Defects
  • Safety
  • Good Molding Practices
  • Housekeeping

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